GBK Grammy Gifting Suite


Here’s a write up of a pre-Grammy event SpyGame Studios covered for our friends at GBK.



Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/SpyGame Studios

GBK ( – the celebrity gift lounge and special events company, hosted their signature gifting lounge on February 7th at SPiN STANDARD, LA’s first professional ping-pong club, located at The Standard, Downtown L.A. Guests enjoyed food and fundraising with a twist as professional Tennis Table Champion, Soo Yeon Lee, went up against celebrities for a charity match.

GBK Music Gift Lounge In Honor Of The 2015 Grammy Nominees

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20150207_100948 IMG_0256

Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/SpyGame Studios

Each celebrity that scored a point against Soo Yeon Lee earned $1,000 for The GRAMMY Museum, donated by Presenting Sponsor – is an assault-response application (app) and service for IOS and Android mobile devices. Designed to be easy to use, quick to activate and reliable, the app is an invaluable personal protection resource. Tap … record, get help, take control. Also contributing to the charitable theme, Celebvidy, an application that provides celebrities the premiere platform to produce and monetize “video selfies”, on-demand, for their fans, donated $100 to The GRAMMY Museum for every celebrity that registered with their service.

GBK Music Gift Lounge In Honor Of The 2015 Grammy Nominees


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Between the two sponsors, a total of $13,000 was raised for GRAMMY Museum. The money will be used by GRAMMY Museum to support their unique hands-on music education programs which serves 25,000 students and teachers every year. For more information on The GRAMMY Museum, please visit

In addition to The GRAMMY Museum, Alfalit International was also featured as a charity beneficiary for the event. Alfalit International ( is a non-profit organization that provides literacy programs for the underserved in the US and internationally. Their vision is to eliminate human suffering caused by illiteracy.


Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/SpyGame Studios

GBK featured two additional Presenting Sponsors including: Hard Candy, who was on site gifting a selection of full size Hard Candy products from the core collection available only at Walmart and; and Contesta Rock Hair, a global salon founded in Italy, who was gifting 100% Italian made Contesta Rock Hair Products. Both sponsors offered beauty services during the event and treated the guests to hair, make-up and nail styling.

Always a highlight of GBK events, the lounge featured an exciting get-a-way, compliments of Crystal Cruises. Guests received the “China in Depth”, all-inclusive cruise from Hong Kong to Beijing. This 10-day cruise in a deluxe stateroom veranda aboard the award-winning Crystal Symphony is valued at over $11,000 for two guests. It features double overnights in Hong Kong and Shanghai to explore the historical and scenic sections of these cities.

On the health and beauty front, guests enjoyed gifts from: Dr. Jamie Sands – Cosmetic Dentist, gifting a comprehensive dental exam and an in-office professional teeth whitening; bath and body products from Milena’s Boutique; Tweezerman who was gifting a grooming kit for men and their slant tweezer and makeup brush for women; Naturade – a health and wellness supplements company – gifting Vegan Smart shakes and shakers; Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna, providing skin polish, hand cut soap bars and natural spa products; Whole Body Cryotherapy gift certificates from Cryohealthcare; 3 personal training sessions with Celebrity Trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS; eco-friendly handmade accessories from Lula Mena; JH Design Group, gifting custom official team jackets from MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR; and gift certificates and apparel from Le Jolie, an exclusive online boutique uniting shoppers with their favorite designer brands up to 70% off retail price; and Eco-Chic silicone handbag and accessories from Pisidia USA.

Other unique gifts included: ActiveOn Camera – an incredible versatile personal performance video camera with high performance to capture all your action; the Clio™ wireless Bluetooth speaker from ClearView™ Audio; 1,000 puff Cuban, vanilla, chocolate and peach eCigars from Citizen eCig; and The 808 Performer BT, a Studio quality wireless Bluetooth headphone, from 808 Audio.

IMG_0237 20150207_171056

Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/SpyGame Studios

Refreshments were provided by: Le Medaillon Champagne – classic French champagne created for the affluent consumer aged for 30 months rather than the typical 17 months; Jeju 16 Water, water naturally purified through sixteen layers of volcanic bedrock off the coast of South Korea; a variety of gourmet, premium hand-crafted brown butter cookies from Celebrity Chef Scott Fischer and Fisch and Chips; Bare Organic Mixers – a certified organic, low calorie mixer that is perfect for your favorite cocktails; and Nuvino Wine – creative, award winning and innovative single serve wine available in 4 varietals from 4 great regions.

GBK Music Gift Lounge In Honor Of The 2015 Grammy Nominees

GBK, formerly GBK Productions, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company’s Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK, please go to

Ghostbusters Songwriter Ray Parker Junior Wants His Face on a Krispy Kreme Donut

SpyGame Studios teamed up with Beyond the Marquee and caught up with singer/songwriter Ray Parker Jr., the singer/songwriter most famously known for 1984’s hit song “Ghostbusters.”

On hand to perform last week at The Midnight Mission’s Golden Heart Awards Gala honoring Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, Ray talks about the new Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary donuts and his expectations about one particular design that should be on them!

Host: Quint Strack
Director/Producer/Camera: Alex Orellana / SpyGame Studios
Editor: Steve Czarnecki / Beyond the Marquee

Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) talks to Beyond the Marquee about Raccoons, the Homeless, oh and that new Scruffy-Looking Jedi Beard!!!

SpyGame Studios teamed up with Beyond the Marquee recently and caught up with legendary actor, Mark Hamill, who was in Los Angeles last week to honor and support his long-time friend and Star Wars co-star, Carrie Fisher, at The Midnight Mission’s Golden Heart Awards Gala.
With only a couple of minutes to speak to the legendary actor who has played both Jedi and Joker, we managed to find out what and who he was wearing, discuss the night’s event and also discover a little about the beard he’s currently sporting.

The gala, which took place at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, commemorated the 100-year anniversary of The Midnight Mission. Hamill, who is back for the latest installment of Star Wars along with Fisher, took a break from the London set where the new movie is being filmed in order to attend the charity event.

Host: Quint Strack
Director/Producer/Camera: Alex Orellana / SpyGame Studios
Editor: Steve Czarnecki / Beyond the Marquee

Peter Cullen / Optimus Prime Walk-Of Fame Highlights


SpyGame Studios and Beyond the Marquee joined forces to cover the Blu-ray release of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Paramount Home Entertainment honored Peter Cullen, the voice actor of Optimus Prime for over 30 years. Friends, family and fans were on hand in Hollywood outside of the historic TCL (Graumans) Chinese Theater to join in the festivities as Optimus and Peter received their honors. The ceremony included the honored tradition of them leaving their hand-prints and tire-tread marks in the cement.

[youtuber youtube=’’]


Actor Peter Cullen at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony



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Director/Producer/Camera: Alex Orellana / SpyGame Studios
Editor: Steve Czarnecki / Beyond the Marquee

Expendables 3 Movie Premiere: Back in Black

If you were ever a fan of 1980s old school action movies, then the “Expendables 3” Los Angeles Movie Premiere was an “All Star,” action packed adventure for the ages!   Imagine having a super team comprised of Rambo, The Terminator, Indiana Jones, Mad Max, Zorro, Blade and more- all in one place!



Growing up in the 80s, these characters were larger than life, and often times as kids, we would reenact some of their most adventurous movie scenes with the toy action figures of these very actors.

Spygame Studios was honored to provide celebrity security services for this memorable event, and below are some stories from the Black Carpet.994481_10203614639958040_1369835826456214992_nEXP Chinese Theater


Wesley Snipes: Protection Detail

We were assigned to the protection detail of Wesley Snipes and his family, for The Expendables 3 World Premiere.  It was our job to make sure Mr. Snipes was safe from all potential harm.  Hundreds of rabid fans, autograph hounds, and pushy photographers, all wanted a piece of Snipes.  Snipes was a great sport and posed for fan photos pretty much the entire night, resting only for a couple minutes to spend time with his family.   The experience offered us ALL ACCESS to the Black Carpet of the movie, giving us some amazing moments with Stallone and his team of mercenaries.



Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios

10298934_10203612050893315_699829159323951697_nAlex Snipes


Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Mel Gibson Selfie:

At one point during the premiere, Mel Gibson was right next to us on the Black Carpet.  As he was being interviewed by the media, he decided to take a selfie phone pic.  Unaware, we ended up in that photo discovering it all over the internet the next day.  The selfie was posted by Fandango.  Here’s the funny selfie pic as well as some other photos of the moment taken by Spy Game Studios’ Akita Yasunari.


Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios


Photo Credit: Fandango



Harrison Ford:

Harrison Ford at the Expendables 3 premiere

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Meeting Harrison Ford has always been a dream of ours, but working along side of him was unthinkable.   With this said, you can imagine how excited we were to provide security services to Han Solo himself.  Once inside the theater, Ford approached us, asking for an escort to his car so he could leave and return for the after party.

We cleared the perimeter and took Ford out the secret side door of the Chinese Theater.  As we were walking through the remote corridor, Ford started up some small talk.  Our precious moment didn’t last long because we were interrupted by a huge pack of autograph hounds, causing Ford to retreat around the corner for refuge.  “It’s ok, we got this. Crazy huh?” we said to Ford.  “Yeah no kidding” Ford responded.  “We’re ready when you are, let’s go…”

As silly as it sounds, if felt like we went to battle, as we led him into the crowd of fans and fortunately he came out in one piece.  After every poster and photo was signed, we were able to get Ford to his getaway car.  He thanked us profusely and we parted ways.


Expendables take the stage: 

Once inside the theater, it was our job to help get the cast in a line to be introduced by Stallone himself.  Like an “All Star” Wedding party at Stallone’s wedding, it was pretty amazing to be in the company of all these accomplished action heroes for this big event.  As Stallone was trying to read this cast list, he complained that it was too dark for his old eyes to see the list.  We gave him our flashlight and he thanked us.  It was cool to be near Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Ford as they were having a private side conversation about the event.

EXP cast Pic 1

EXP cast Pic 2


Soon, Stallone was introducing each Expendable, and we were imagining the moment when Stallone would say our names, inviting us on stage.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but the experience was still priceless.

1010140_10203614684679158_6190024794301884543_nPhoto Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios


Terry Crews:

We have personally known Terry Crews for years, which dates back to the days when Alex used to sell Crews Apple Computers.  Whenever we run into Crews, he is very gracious and friendly.  He always takes a moment to talk and at this event it was no different.  We wish him much continued success.


Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios


Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Celebrity Meet and Greets:

There were many moments where our Camera Operators, Julian Esquivel and Akita Yasunari met up with the cast.  Below are some pix.


Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.39.21 AM

Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Dolph Lundgren

Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 6.07.59 AM

Photo Credit: Akita Yasunari/ SpyGame Studios

Mel Gibson Wesley Snipes

Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios

Randy Couture

Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios

 Expendables 3 After Party:

The Expendables 3 After Party was at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and below were some pix from the festivities.


Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios


Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios


Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios


Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios



Photo Credit: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios

In the end, we were very happy working so close to our heroes of yesterday.  Looking forward to many adventures with them tomorrow!



About the Author: Alex Orellana

Director/Producer/Camera: Alex Orellana / SpyGame Studios
Photographers: Akita Yasunari, Julian Esquivel