Are you an expert on a topic and want to share your gift with the world?  Becoming an influencer allows you the ability to bring together and lead an audience of like minded people and call them to action.  Imagine having a large social media following that allows you to monetize in multiple ways.  You now have people who will buy your books and hire you to speak to them.  We can help you achieve this goal.

About the company

We are a Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles. We deliver high quality digital media content that engages, entertains, and educates.  Our solutions enable sales, generate leads, and drive revenue. We have all the digital tools to help you become an influencer.

Become a top influencer who stands out

You may have a small following but you are not getting enough eyes on your social media.  We make your marketing look professional and appealing so your audience wants to know more about you, your causes, and your products and services.

We setup and maintain your social media

You may not know all the ways to leverage social media to build your following.  We help you have brand consistency across your platforms and create compelling content that makes your audience clammer for more. Call us for rates.

We shoot professional photos for your social media

Having a professional photographer can enhance your social media presence and make your platforms look the best they can be.  An effective social media campaign has perfect mix of professional and candid photos. 

Starting at $99

We make your business cards

If you need professional business cards with a clean design, our design team is at your service!  

Starting at $99

We create professional social media posts

We can make your social media images pop. Creating calls to action for your audience, building awareness about your products and services, and promoting your message to the masses. 

Starting at $99

We create the motion graphics

Many influencers are content with just using photos.  We have compelling visuals that take it to the next level.  Our motion graphics are what make the top influencers stand out. 

Starting at $99

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We teach you how to optimize Instagram like the pros

Leverage the many tools on Instagram that people do not know about.  We have found effective ways to engage your audience with this platform.

Starting at $99

We make your website

Your website is the digital hub to tell your story to the masses. With photos, videos, social media, and more, it is your best sales tool and no one should go without a website.

Starting at $200


We run your social media and can post at optimal times

Social media helps build a following, create awareness, and develop people as experts and influencers.  Everyone has a phone now, and you need to cater to people on the go.  We help you setup and maintain your social media platforms and develop unique content on each of these channels. Call us for rates.

We create expert content

To build a following, many people are making YouTube channels.  We know the formula to make professional content that engages your subscribers.  Once you have an audience, these people become part of your referral network. Call us for rates.

Make expert videos like this

We can make cool TV shows about pretty much anything.  This one was for an influencer who wanted to showcase her sports knowledge. Call us for rates.

We make online video courses for your clients to buy.

Imagine having a school with online courses that are available for your audience to buy.  These video courses can be sold 24/7/365 and once the school is setup, you can make passive income. Call us for rates.

We create and distribute a targeted ad campaign for you

Beautiful video will not get customers by itself.  You need a commercial campaign with targeted distribution to ensure that your intended audience sees what you can offer them.    Call us for rates.

We build your brand

When marketing yourself or products, it’s incredibly important to build a brand.  Your brand story does more than tell your customers what to expect from you – it shows them what your mission and values are and what makes you unique as a company. Call us for rates.

We create and manage your Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.

Our services

Graphic Design

Business cards



Video & Photo




Motion Graphics

TV Shows/Podcasts


Targeted Ad Campaigns

Web Design


Landing Pages 

Setup & Maintenance

Social Media

Setup & Maintenance

Content Creation

Sales Tools


Targeted Ad Campaigns





Video & Photo

Writing and Editorial


Social Media

Digital Signage

Influencer Training

TelePrompter Training

Media Training

Speaking Engagements


Social Media


Make a highlight reel like this

Videos like this tell your audience about who you are, what you do, what your goals are, and how you can be of service to them.  Everyone loves stories like this and it is what makes you truly unique. Call us for rates.

Video gets eyes on your listings

1 %

85% of consumers are more likely to purchase an item after seeing a video.

1 B

Internet users watch 3 Billion hours of online video per day. 

1 M

1 Minute of video is almost worth 2 million words. That’s  3,600 webpages!

Customers reviews

I have worked with SpyGame on numerous occasions and can only say positive things about their production company! They are creative and enthusiastic producers who excel in what they do.
Viviana Fabiola Valadez
Producer/ Host at Defy Media
They never shy away from going above and beyond, whether in small or large projects. I would love the opportunity to work with them again.
Bob Merrick
Marvel Entertainment
The people at SpyGame are great to work with. They are professional, efficient, and extremely talented. Their passion is evident and they put their hearts into every project they do.
Alyssa Dahlstadt
NFL Networks

We have created quality digital sales tools to help you become a top influencer!

We would love to talk to you to find our what your needs and goals are. Give us a call!

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