Keeper of the Cup- Hockey’s Holy Grail

Alex Stanley Cup

The “Keeper” of the Stanley Cup may have one of the coolest jobs ever, traveling the globe with the NHL’s Championship Teams and meeting hockey’s most die hard fans, but it’s not easy by any means!

SpyGame Studios caught up with Howie Borrow,  1 of 4 employees of the Hockey Hall of Fame, who dedicate much of their lives to being the guardian of one of sports most coveted trophies.

See what it takes to be the “Keeper of the Cup.”

Director/ Producer: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios
Host: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios
Keeper of the Cup: Howie Borrow/ Hockey Hall of Fame
Cameraman: Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby/ SpyGame Studios
Edited By: Alex Orellana/ SpyGame Studios